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WHY Use Us

As Northern Ireland’s first knowledge brokerage we do not fit easily into the mould of either a traditional consultancy or solutions firm. In fact given the poor reputation of some we are happy that we don’t, and prefer to carve out our own niche. Our idea is simple but powerful, we broker knowledge and provide clients with the people and the answers they need to solve the problems they face.

Consultants can have a negative reputation, charging a fortune to rehash old reports and cut and paste work to simply fit your project into an existing mould. At LEXXER we break the mould, and offer fresh faces and fresh ideas, underpinned by integrity and intelligence.

When you hire us we will be a team, and our success will be based on your success and satisfaction. Often companies debate whether to retain a consultant or do it themselves, and we will be honest many of the services we provide you can try yourself and our priority is to assist you and support you to learn and be able to do it yourself. The best example is our choice to focus on litigants in person work rather than the  traditional legal representation. We aim to help clients represent themselves not pay others to do so. However we are also here to advise you that often you will spend more time and more money and ultimately fail by doing it yourself. How many of us wish we have spent a little extra and bought that furniture ready assembled rather than wasting out only day off fighting with a flatpack?

Our business model is simple, we ask you what you problem is, like what piece of furniture you need, then we help design it and find the person with the best knowledge and skill to build it for you. We locate, brief, manage and pay them delivering just what you need on time and on budget.

Giving You the Ability – KNOWLEDGEABILITY

LEXXER will equip you to face the future, giving you the ability to deal with problems and to foresee those just ahead. Our solutions are intelligent and innovative and our services sensible and affordable.

Our Consultancy Services offer real and lasting benefits such as

1) Staff augmentation – Companies and organisations often have short to medium-term staffing needs due to a variety of factors, like a new grant or contract. Consultants “plug a hole” for the company by filling the role of full-time employees. We call this operational consultancy, where we select the best person or team to complete a piece of work, or roll out a project, or manage a brief.

2) Change catalyst –  It can be hard for companies to do what’s right, particularly when it comes to job layoffs, salary and benefit changes/reduction, major operational and strategic shifts. Hiring consultants can be a way to reach the desired conclusions with objectivity and sufficient political cover in case certain parties are unhappy (eg, a reluctant Board or disgruntled employees) or things go wrong.

3) Analogical Reasoning –   Our consultants have experience serving multiple clients in the same sector or multiple clients facing similar problems across different sectors.  This enables them to recognize common attributes of effective solutions, applying lessons learned in applicable situations. This knowledge is partially institutionalized at each consulting firm in the form of outputs like reports; however, much of the information exists in the collective heads of experts, academics and professionals, therefore we locate and broker that knowledge.

4) Analytical horsepower

A corollary to staff augmentation, companies may need help solving issues and executing strategies where their skill sets and knowledge are insufficient. Consultants can be of great value given their training and capabilities. LEXXER’s Knowledge Brokerage model allows it to marry the best qualities of both the big and the boutique firm. Big consultancies have a breadth of resources that they can bring to bear on problems, while Boutiques may have specialized expertise on specific dimensions – we have both.

5) Fresh perspective

Companies often need a fresh set of eyes – you’d be amazed at the amount of value consultants can add based on the most mundane observations and insights. For front-line client employees, it can be easy to fall into daily routines without a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and improvement. You often cant see the ‘wood for the trees’. A fresh face and fresh ideas can be just what is needed.

6) Training and skillset augmentation

Our passion is knowledge and a big part of that is its dissemination, we’d argue that every consulting project, which invariably involves client interaction incorporates knowledge exchange and two way training. The best recommendations are worthless if clients can’t implement and maintain suggested changes. Thus, a large part of what our consultants do is educate client employees on necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets, and by working with clients the consultants themselves learn and improve.


You have heard what we say about ourselves, but why not listen to what satisfied clients have had to say about why they would choose to use our consultancy services again. According to our client satisfaction surveys LEXXER customers state they would use us again for the following reasons:

  • 1. To obtain specific knowledge, expertise and skills. Clients typically hire LEXXER to ensure that we locate experts who have the skills and expertise their own staff lack, or experience of solving similar problems. “ …we are glad we invested in the knowhow to develop our product range…”
  • 2. To identify problems. Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to recognize it. That’s when a consultant’s external perspective or wider knowledge is vital. Audits, evaluations, progress reports and monitoring are all best left to an external consultant in order to ensure that problems and opportunities are spotted. “ …. LEXXER helped us see the wood for the trees….”
  • 3. To supplement a company’s internal staff. Often clients cannot afford retain an in-house legal or PR department and choose instead to hire LEXXER either on a consultancy basis or to our embedded staff solutions. This works out cheaper than hiring full-time employees. “…our budget didn’t stretch to full time PR staff but we saw a real return on our investment..”
  • 4. To act as a catalyst for change. No one likes change, especially in smaller firms. But when change is needed, clients have found that LEXXER can do things without worrying about the corporate culture, employee morale, or other issues that tend to elicit high emotions and dissension in the ranks. “… we are a family firm and it was too difficult to make changes by ourselves”
  • 5. To be an objective onlooker. Besides seeing problems from a different perspective than internal staff does, LEXXER provides a fresh, objective viewpoint, then delivers results without being concerned about what workers in the organization might think about the results and how they were achieved. “…. A fresh set of eyes was just what we needed…”
  • 6. To teach. As knowledge brokers we invest in the exchange of knowledge believing we can learn as much from clients as we can teach. We work together to stay abreast of advances and developments in a chosen field so information can be passed on knowledgeably and authoritatively. “… LEXXER’s two way training approach helped build not only our staff skills but also confidence…”
  • 7. To do a company’s “dirty work.” Let’s face it: No one wants to be the person who has to make staff or program cuts. An impartial outside consultant is the perfect person to handle such unpleasant tasks. “…. as a small organisation dealing with funding cuts we could not bring ourselves to part with valuable staff …. The sad news came best from an outside voice…”
  • 8. To bring new life to an organization. Consultants are retained as idea starters and innovative thinkers. With LEXXER’s KNOWLEDGEABLE programme new ideas and analogical reasoning will be applied to help a company retool or reinvent itself. “…. we found a new lease of life and new solutions to problems which had held us back for three years….”
  • 9. To assist with a business launch. Business development consultants are in high demand by entrepreneurs and visionaries who wish to leave the groundwork to someone else. Knowledge is not always new it can mean experience and familiarity with an industry which may also assist with the day-to-day operations of the new venture. “… I had a great business idea but no business experience, and LEXXER helped me realise my vision…”
  • 10. To share contacts. We know the movers and shakers in business, and have industry and sector contacts locally nationally and internationally, which clients can tap into to network and gain business. “… LEXXER opened doors for me…”

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