LEXXER Solutions is Northern Ireland’s first Knowledge Brokerage, and it uses the concept to provide the best in Solutions and Consultancy services to a range of Community based and Commercial Clients. The use of Knowledge Brokerage to produce bespoke products and services ensures imaginative, innovative and immediate results.

Unlike conventional consultancy firms which are tied to one area LEXXER can harness academic, professional, practitioner, and peer knowledge across a range of disciplines and sectors giving it the ability to compete with bigger, more established international consultants. The result is the same range of ability, with a more personalised bespoke service for a fraction of the cost.

In these times of cut backs many organisations, businesses and groups cannot afford to maintain in-house services such as legal or financial expertise. LEXXER can offer an embedded range of services, from advice to intervention and representation which will unlock your potential for growth.

As a boutique firm we have had to provide our own solutions in terms of establishing ourselves. These range from imaginative office and  operations solutions, to the knowledge brokerage model we employ. We have studied how people do business and we believe we can do it better, so let us help you. From funding to event management our motto is

       If we don’t know …… we know someone who does!


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