PEACE IV – Getting the Inside View 

Today our team are attending a SEUPB training event to prepare for the new programmes . Both INTEREG and PEACE programmes are at early stages with the technical details being agreed. 

The information session is invaluable with a clearer picture forming of what will be required.   It is already clear that Prior Research to justify needs, Project planning and construction, Partnership forming and management as well as Procurement and verification will all be vital in what is fast becoming a very competitive  process.

The funders will be asking many hard questions and we will be best placed to provide you answers. The requirements will be rigorous with many problems presented to groups. LEXXER will be there with the skills knowledge and solutions to deal with all the process can throw up.  

    Our team will guide you through the process with workshops as well as one to one sessions. 

The training was invaluable to allow us to gain knowledge directly from those who are still putting the programmes together. 

  We are already booking consultations but after today we are able to confirm that the final stages of PEACE IV are being drafted with a two stage application process confirmed.

We had anticipated this and planned accordingly with our own process now in place to assist in developing your application. 

LEXXER Resource Solutions – Funding Applications – filling in the blanks. 

232 thoughts on “PEACE IV – Getting the Inside View 

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