We believe that the knowledge and skills set of our armed forces is second to none and we aim to identify the very best ex military and defence sector talent and promote them in this next stage of their careers. We focus on service personnel with unique knowledge and skills sets but work with other firms to provide staff of all ranks and abilities.

Our unique focus is on providing specialist security, analysis, intelligence and leadership for clients who wish to manage and mitigate risks which fall outside the normal range expected of civilian staff. Our management, development and promotional skills aim to give the support framework, direction and challenges members of our armed forces have been used to.

We understand the UK security clearance system and process with access to security cleared ex service personnel. Based in Northern Ireland we also have a focus on counter-terrorism and conflict resolution bridging the gap between academics who study and understand it to soldiers who have lived and fought it. No other firm can provide the intellectual, intelligence and individual experience to a project or programme.
Our ex military brokerage services are confidential, flexible and effective as we work with our clients to deliver safer better solutions, based on knowledge and experience. Our clients and their projects can be local with advice and security solutions for working in Northern Ireland or international with rapid reaction capability to deal with problems faced on the ground.