Dr Stephen Farry is inviting people to have their say in the Big Conversation on the future of Higher Education in Northern Ireland. At LEXXER we see the future of our higher education sector as a foundation of our developing economy. Our work in Knowledge Brokerage with the clear concise commercialisation of knowledge as a resource offer an exciting new angle to the present debate.


The Minister said, “Once the people of Northern Ireland have had the opportunity to share their views on the future of higher education here, I will be using this evidence base to formulate an options paper which I will be presenting to my Executive colleagues outlining the ways in which higher education could be sustained in the future.”

Our vision is to see Northern Ireland’s Universities become the shipyards of the new century leading the world in design and development of products we can be proud of.  This will be the foundation of a new knowledge economy which will make us not only a world leader but also a focal point for research and development.

Our team will be making a series of submissions to the debate as well as promoting responses from others. Join us today as we make our voices heard.