The Real University Challenge

LEXXER would like to congratulate Queens for reaching top 200 in the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top academic institutions. Our vision is to see our local universities become in this century what our shipyards were in early Twentieth Century. Power houses on innovation and world  leaders in their field. Our new Titanics will be knowledge based, with bigger and better solutions to world problems originating here.

The UK has shone once again with 34 universities in the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top 200 institutions. Oxford climbs to second place, while Cambridge and Imperial College London also make the top 10 in fourth and eighth places respectively. Our own local Queens University Belfast makes it into the top 200 in what is a remarkable achievement for a university based here.

university-education-650x330Keeping the top spot for the fifth consecutive year is the California Institute of Technology in the US.
Europe has a record number of universities in the world top 200, with 105 compared to 87 last year.
The tables rank universities worldwide on measures like teaching, research and international outlook – for example numbers of overseas students and staff.


1. California Institute of Technology, US
2. University of Oxford, UK
3. Stanford University, US
4. University of Cambridge, UK
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
6. Harvard University, US
7. Princeton University, US
8. Imperial College London, UK
9. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
10. University of Chicago, US
11. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, US
12. Yale University, US
13. University of California, Berkeley, US
14. University College London, UK
15. Columbia University, US
16. University of California, Los Angeles, US
17. University of Pennsylvania, US
18. Cornell University, Ithaca, US
19. University of Toronto, Canada
20. Duke University, Durham, US

The majority of UK universities have moved up this year, some – for example Warwick, St Andrews and Exeter – by a significant margin. There is good news for Reading, Dundee and Newcastle, re-establishing their places in the top 200 after slipping out last year. However, four universities – Manchester, York, Sussex and Royal Holloway, London – have slipped to lower positions in the tables, compared with last year when there were only 29 UK institutions in the top 200.