Take a breath … take a Bow! 

LEXXER Solutions would like to congratulate and thank all our clients who completed a range of projects today. 

The organisations we have had the privilege to work with over the past few months, both to gain funding or in other cases to sucessfully complete projects, have exceeded all expectations. 

While mostly small grants the success rate was in the high 80s with over £110,000 spread across a range of groups and projects across the U.K.

At a time of funding uncertainty these success stories should give everyone hope for the future. Aside from the success for the groups, thousands of people, often the most disadvantaged, have been helped. These projects effect real change and positively affect real lives every day. 

From our ABC funding services to research training and other project actions we have worked in different ways with different groups to help them succeed. 

It has been amazing to see Ideas grow and take shape with hard work as they work towards success. The funding was largely underspend from councils and departments and the timescale was often measured in weeks. 

Our clients came to us because they knew we could work to impossibly tight schedules and stay on budget. Our approach means we see clients as part of the team and we come onboard helping every step of the way. 

Many consultants will simply take their cheque and run, LEXXER stays to ensure the overall project succeeds not just the aspect we have been contracted to complete. 

So we are aware of the late nights and hard work the worry and today the relief of dozens of groups whose deadlines were today. 

While the groups can enjoy a well earned rest the LEXXER team will be back in the office on Monday to start the process all over again.!

So if you have an idea, and ongoing project or a new initiative you need help with speak to one of the team today. 

LEXXER Solutions – Funding Futures