What Does the Election Spell ?

While the polls predict a considerable Conservative majority in Westminster with a continued decline for Labour, many wonder just what it will mean for Northern Ireland. The snap election has already in the eyes of some parties derailed the present political negotiations, while others may see it giving the breathing space needed. The election will ring in changes with a clearer Brexit agenda and momentum based on a stronger mandate. It will also weaken the DUP’s influence at Westminster as Theresa May will not longer need their votes in the way she has.

In the longer run in the absence of agreement between the parties there will be a wider range of options open to a Prime Minister who has a solid majority. In short while the election seems remote to politics here, it will indeed spell change. For businesses and community groups, there is an opportunity to lobby for change and to press parties as they draft manifestos – so speak to our LEX REX public affairs team today.