Blooming Marvellous 

The sun shone on the first day of Garden Show Ireland, in Antrim. The crowds were delighted with a show of colour and range of events and exhibits. 

LEXXER was happy to see their local clients showcase products and services as new markets were opened and customers reached. 

As part of LEXXER’s range of services we make connections and assist clients to promote themselves. Signature events like this assist many local businesses and show council and the community working together to the benefit of all. 

Local civic leaders mingled with celebrities such as TV gardening personality Joe Swift. 

The weather combined with a well organised event makes this a world class event.  

Funding and sponsorship underpin every large event and we work with a range of clients to draw down funding to support the develop of events such as this across Northern Ireland and the UK. 

So if you have an idea come and speak to us today.

 LEXXER Solutions- Funding Futures