The Future of Fundraising

At LEXXER Solutions we aim to keep you in the know and provide you with the knowledge which will give you the advantage in your sector. One clear area where charities and community groups can excel is in information technology and digital communications and solutions.

The range of issues which our clients continually present to us as problematic can be summarised as POUNDS PEOPLE and PLACE. There may be a range of individual or interlocking issues at play, however we have developed a range of digital solutions and services which will address many of the problems and solve the most common problems.


A decade ago our commercial clients invested in digital solutions, and turn to IT as a solution to increasing productivity and managing both staff and customers. The knowledge we have acrued in this porcess is of immense value to the third sector and we have adapted and developed a range of products which will revolutionise the sector.

We are at present trailing the products with a number of groups and products and will launch these later in the year. If you would like to be included in our trials please contact one of the team today.