From Me to We

LEXXER Solutions offers the answer to many problems faced by businesses and charities or community and voluntary groups. One problem facing many clients is they are individuals often working in their own sector and too busy to interact with others.

Unlike larger businesses or groups who have different departments for Marketing, HR, legal and sales most firms or organisations we deal with do not have the resources to retain these skills in-house.

Therefore many simply ignore the issues, make do with their own best efforts or hire in costly consultancy services. However our knowledge brokerage approach offers the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

These are based on Advice, Brokerage and Collaboration. The third of these offers to match peer developed services and solutions with the problems faced. Creating collaborative solutions is what we do best.

Often a problem one group faces has already been addressed and solved by another but that knowledge is never shared. LEXXER brokers this sort of knowledge meaning that often small firms can collaborate on a problem or project working as a team to solve it.

Collaboration is the core concept behind knowledge brokerage, and we create the connections and facilitate the process needed to develop a team which will share knowledge and solve the problem.


What we mean by collaboration-