Just in Case

LEXXER Law is working with a number of local charities, NGOs and advice or support services to develop case management or client services systems. Many offer advice, engage in case work and undertake many of the tasks that any small law firm would.

However systems are often manual, with files stored in hard copy only and twice the work needed to access and utilise them.  Therefore as part of our ongoing work to make your charity our business we are working with a number of clients to develop digital solutions.

Our design team will work with you to create a bespoke product at a fraction of the cost by brokering in knowledge, software, open source systems and solutions from other sectors and using them to create a suite of integrated systems which will meet your needs.

For small law firms, or human rights NGOs, law centres, advice services and other Third Sector groups which need to retain client information securely, to create work flow based case management systems and database linked document generation we provide the answers.

Have a look at our concept today and speak to one of the design team to help us develop a product that will serve you best.

thumbnail of case management system PROMO