LEXXER Puts the Third Sector First

For too long there has been a lack of skills and professional services in the third sector, with charities and community based groups starved of not only funding but the skilled staff they require. The uncertainty over funding has led to a skills deficit with young graduates finding more prospects and job security in the public or business sectors. Short term funding means short terms contracts which in turn means the best quality staff are attracted elsewhere.

The marvellous staff who are working tirelessly in the third sector often do so at considerable personal sacrifice, with promotion, security, and even social status all sacrificed to help a groups they often believe in. At LEXXER Solutions many of our clients are victims of this brain drain and we aim to reverse it with the placement of professional staff and services, the injection of knowledge and the retention of skills and services which groups can not retain in-house.

We are working with a number of other local businesses which have third sector clients, in order to ‘put the third sector first’. We are proud to support FIRST SECTOR¬†as they aim to provide support to local charities and community based groups. The programme will help set up and support groups by helping them access funding and facilitation.

For too long the groups who help others have had no help themselves, and a company with a social conscience we are proud to help FIRST Sector as part of our Pro Bono programme.