Moving from the Past to the Future

The past has cast a long shadow over so many aspects of our present life and unless addressed this will continue into the future. The recent release of a public consultation process has led LEXXER Solutions to engage in the ongoing academic debate on the legal and historic aspects of the question.

Our experience of conflict resolution and the knowledge brokerage approach we use allows us to provide support services and skills to a range of clients engaged in the difficult issues of the past.

We have supported the establishment of advocacy and public interest litigation projects and programmes. Today we attend a conference facilitated by Queens university Belfast on these issues.

Our aim is to understand the issues and in turn inform clients and allow them to better engage in the ongoing discussions. Facilitating these difficult discussions, providing a platform and the skills needed to allow victims to have their voices heard.

In short we bridge the gap between policy makers and the people affected, between academics and those active on the ground.