Helping You Get AHEAD

Our AHEAD Programme will use the past to build a better future, as we facilitate discussions about the past, using Applied Heritage to learn and to find a common understanding which will promote reconciliation.

For too long the past has meant division and difficulty, our vision is to tackle the difficult issues and to turn heritage to our advantage. The AHEAD Programme has been pioneered by LEXXER Solutions after a number of years working in the heritage sector on a range of Council, PEACE, Heritage Lottery Fund and Community Relations funded projects.

Our programme helps groups to develop local history and heritage as an asset, both in terms of cultural tourism and also in support of improving community relations. From consultancy services to accredited courses based around a facilitated workshops training programme it is designed to meet the PEACE IV emphasis on Building Good Relations. For this we propose to use the Applied Heritage model which has been developed to use heritage to transform society. 

The units involved include a contextual course based on a comparative study of the past with the present using the latter as a lens through which to not simply study but also experience the former. The second unit would be based around Applied Heritage Methods and their use in Reconciliation, with the course aimed at both training those who would be identified as leaders and peace makers in their communities in the broader skills and also giving them experience of the course as it might be deployed in a community setting at a lower OCN level.

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