At LEXXER we help you to be heard, and ensure that your message is clear and consistent. Often the passion of a cause, or the urgency of the issue means that you or your firm or organisation are not in the best place to make strategic decisions. This is where we come in, with an external, professional and more strategic approach. Our ethos is simple – You Do the Talking, We will do the Thinking!

An effective issue advocacy campaign requires more than just good lobbying; it requires a strategic communications plan that utilizes every available asset.  Winning communications strategies demand preparation, seamless coordination, and strong execution.  Having the facts on your side is a good start, but those facts won’t help unless they are shaped into powerful arguments delivered in a manner that provides the most impact.  That’s where our experience helps.  Our experts have worked on hundreds of the highest profile and most complex public policy battles over the past two decades, and know how to prevail in the court of public opinion.

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At LEXXER, we listen to what our clients want, ask key questions, and then develop the messages and media plan best suited to meeting their communications objective.  This means building a plan specific enough to meet client goals, while at the same time encompassing enough flexibility to quickly respond to any unanticipated crisis or opportunity.

Our range of advocacy Services are geared to help you be heard.


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