Keeping You In The Know

At LEXXER our business is knowledge and how it can be developed and used commercially. We provide innovative and effective solutions, a range of advice and intervention services to keep you in the KNOW. Our first step is to locate that knowledge and to develop it to the point where it is marketable. Often valuable research and amazing ideas lie gathering dust on a shelf. At LEXXER we are proactive in both advising and shaping research and design to ensure that it is of interest and use to a range of markets. 

We are inspired by the Renaissance where the power of ideas and knowledge revolutionized the world. Our logo_dx3_banner (1)Knowledge work is grounded on what we call Dx3 the Discovery, Development and Dissemination of Knowledge. This places us at the nexus of  universities, research institutions, think tanks and the commercial and community sectors.

The Renaissance symbolises how the light of knowledge brought an end to the Dark Ages, and represents how the revival of ideas from antiquity, married with novel approaches to thought, revolutionised the world. Our name is derived from one such example of that power, a book by Samuel Rutherford entitled LEX REX which married theology, politics, social science and ideology to change the world paving the way for democracy as we know it today. We believe passionately that knowledge from across different disciplines when blended together can properly used can change the world.

The discovery, and synthesis of knowledge inspires us at LEXXER as we seek to apply Renaissance principles to modern problems. We believe that the results will be a ground breaking and impressive when disseminated properly.

The result is problem solving, product development, service enhancement and process innovation. Our development of a Web-based social-networking framed Knowledge Management System called The ORACLE means that the collective know-how of thousands of academics, experts, practitioners and peers is more accessible than ever.


The LEXXER concept incorporates a multi-disciplinary process, which builds upon and connects up work from separate areas in a way that generates new perspectives, fresh insights and innovative methodologies which expand and refine knowledge of a particular problem providing effective solutions.

The D×3 Process integrates the Discovery, Development and Dissemination of Knowledge and allows our Team to provide solutions for our clients, using our Knowledge Management system, The ORACLE to source the best people to deal with your problem.

We promote knowledge brokerage using  :-




LEXXER works at the interface between those who discover and create knowledge and those who require or utilise it, through our VARSITY program.


LEXXER provides a framework for research and knowledge creation giving it a focus and an end use, and using analogical reasoning to apply it.


LEXXER recognises that as a commodity knowledge must be used, and must contribute to the economy, dissemination therefore is key .


Some of the range of knowledge brokerage opportunities where we have worked with clients to provide support, services and solutions.



Unlocking the Power of Knowledge

Knowledge brokering offers you an analogous capability. This is simply taking an idea, or process or piece of knowledge from one area or sector and applying it to another, by analogy we reach a new solution. These connections are made by our team of knowledge brokers—who create the space and time for an exchange of knowledge which combines the external ideas with internal ones to improve your business processes.

At LEXXER we wish to take  international best practice and apply it to Northern Ireland in order to develop it as a world leading Knowledge Economy. While some sectors like engineering, bio-technology and IT are already quite well advanced with important partnerships between business and local universities, others have yet to discover the potential.

Therefore we wish to focus on what is known as the Third Sector – community and voluntary groups charities and not for profit organisations, which is well developed and has achieved much in the wake of recent conflict, however decades of accumulated knowledge and experience is often lost when projects stop, funding is not secured or staff move on.

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