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Keeping You In The Know

At LEXXER we have pioneered not only Knowledge Brokerage but the use of Analogical reasoning. This method of processing information compares the similarities between new and understood concepts, then uses those similarities to gain understanding of the new concept. It uses inductive reasoning to provide understanding of what is likely to be true, rather than deductively proving something as fact, which is often costly and time consuming. Our approach allows us to learn new information, to produce persuasive arguments and to form working assumptions to solve problems and move projects on.

 We all use analogical reasoning in our daily lives, you sat down on the chair you used today not because you tested its ability to support you but because almost all chairs you have used have supported you and my analogy you concluded this one would. Often in business or in the face of a problem we do not have time to sit down and construct a research project to test our ideas we need to react fast to succeed. Analogical reasoning allows us to form sound working assumptions to drive forward action.

Secondly it allows LEXXER to use knowledge and solutions from other sectors to tailor by analogy one for you. The problem may be generic such as public perception and the food sector have solved it in a way that the IT sector could use. At LEXXER we have a bird’s eye view of solutions across sectors and can see likely fits which are tried and tested.

This approach will save you time and money and if it has worked before we have a clear idea of the usability of a solution or service. Too often firms or groups operate in a silo where they do not look beyond their own sector or service. Our job is to put you in the know.

LEXXER Solutions – The Answer

Knowledge brokering offers you an analogous capability. This is simply taking an idea, or process or piece of knowledge from one area or sector and applying it to another, by analogy we reach a new solution. These connections are made by our team of knowledge brokers—who create the space and time for an exchange of knowledge which combines the external ideas with internal ones to improve your business processes.

We provide our analogical capacity is one of our Reasoning themes :-




The appliance of the best methodology and research techniques allows the LEXXER team to provide analysis and solutions from the data collected.


At LEXXER we have pioneered not only Knowledge Brokerage but the use of Analogical reasoning, allowing us to quickly process information compare similarities between new and understood concepts and form solutions


Our analogical approach to problem solving is unique in the sector, as we bring a range of knowledge and experience to bear on the problem, producing actionable results.


Some of the range of knowledge brokerage opportunities where we have worked with clients to provide support, services and solutions.




Unlocking the Power of Knowledge


Knowledge brokering offers you an analogous capability. This is simply taking an idea, or process or piece of knowledge from one area or sector and applying it to another, by analogy we reach a new solution. These connections are made by our team of knowledge brokers—who create the space and time for an exchange of knowledge which combines the external ideas with internal ones to improve your business processes.

At LEXXER we wish to take  international best practice and apply it to Northern Ireland in order to develop it as a world leading Knowledge Economy. While some sectors like engineering, bio-technology and IT are already quite well advanced with important partnerships between business and local universities, others have yet to discover the potential.

Therefore we wish to focus on what is known as the Third Sector – community and voluntary groups charities and not for profit organisations, which is well developed and has achieved much in the wake of recent conflict, however decades of accumulated knowledge and experience is often lost when projects stop, funding is not secured or staff move on.

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