Charity Set Up Services

Getting You Started


Each year in Northern Ireland thousands of people work tirelessly to improve the lives of others and the communities around them. They often do it through individual acts of kindness and decency but many work with others who share their vision and passion.

images (2)At LEXXER we made a conscious decision as part of our business plan to help those who help others. For us it’s a focus of faith family and friends which makes us the people we are and we like to give a little back. Part of our time, some of our skills and a bit of our profits are set aside to help causes we feel deserve it.

We also have decided to work as much with charities, and community based groups to help them grow and develop. We support the knowledge economy the social economy as well as the regular economy most businesses worry about. We believe all three work together. Many of our experts have a track record in the Third Sector, those charitable, voluntary or community organisations which work as hard as any business to make the profits we cant count in pounds.

We would like to hear about your vision and passion and help you put it into practice. We know the difficulties you face and the problems you will encounter, from getting people as enthused as you, to getting the money to pay next weeks rent. So come say hello, tell us about yourself your ideas and if you have already taken the first step about your group.

If you haven’t either met people who share your vision or passion we can begin there and help you sell your ideas. Setting up a charity is the answer and even that step can be a big one. We work with the Charity Commission, understand their process and are prepared to get up started.

Start up a charity

There are many reasons why you may wish to set up a new charity. The Commission’s Starting a charity guidance, available below, is a great read and provides a general introduction and overview of the key factors that should be considered when setting up a new charity.

It highlights important aspects of the law that governs charities in Northern Ireland and signposts to more detailed guidance on specific areas. If it all appears complicated then let us take you through it, our legal services team will help you fill out the forms and our experts will set you up.  If you are thinking of setting up a new charity this guidance will help you to consider:

  • whether setting up a charity is the best way to achieve your purpose
  • legal obligations on charities
  • what type of charity to set up
  • what rules you may want to set for your charity
  • naming your charity
  • planning for the future.

20141114 Starting a new charity

Download PDF (624 Kb)


Set Up Support Packages

Over the years our experts have helped a range of groups set up as a charity. We are now working with the Charity Commissions across the UK to provide a range of bespoke services in line with their exact requirements.

We have used our collective knowledge to prepare a set of packages aimed to meet your specific needs. These will assist you every step of the way and will provide a one stop shop for your group.

The first step is to come say hello and tell us about what you have in mind. We call this a free consultation, where we can advise whether what you aim to do is considered to be charitable. Some activities are not and we don’t want to see you waste your time, however our experience and skills can be drawn upon to help you shape your ideas into charitable aims.


Our packages are under development to reflect recent changes in Charity legislation and practice and will be on the shelf soon.