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    PEOPLE – Get the result you want from staff and the reactions you want from customers

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    PLACE – Secure Property and Office Solutions

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    PROCESS – Making Better Products for Less

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The Answer to Your Question

Problems are sadly an everyday feature of life and work, however not finding the right solution can mean the difference between success and failure for a business or organisation. Often problems compound one another with a resource problem leading to a results problem. The first step is to stop and ask for help and together we can arrive at a solution which will meet your need.

If your company or organisation is struggling for any reason, it may be wise to begin looking to implement business and management processes that will help bring your business back to the level of success that you may have once achieved.

Often circumstances such as the recession have knocked you off course or thrown up an unforeseen problem. Few organisations retain the problem solving skills they need in house and your natural first step is to look externally for help. That in itself can often be the biggest problem, and thankfully you can let that be our problem.

We are in the business of finding solutions, or to be more accurate finding those experts who can help you solve the problem. Many issues have already been encountered by others and a solution is waiting but at times it is unique to you.

LEXXER Solutions – The Answer

The LEXXER concept incorporates a multi-disciplinary process, which builds upon and connects up work from separate areas in a way that generates new perspectives, fresh insights and innovative methodologies which expand and refine knowledge of a particular problem providing effective solutions.

We provide a range of solutions services under the themes of  :-





Most problems are finance related with solutions offered in both traditional financial services, as well as fundraising consultancy.




Human Resources Consultancy which provides recruitment, management and training solutions to get the right people for you.




We offer a range of property development, management and investment services alongside our Office Solutions and Location Consultancy




Providing knowledge and experience based advice and interventions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.




Whether manufactured commodities or services and skills, we will help you produce and promote your product.




LEXXER will assist in the development, deployment and delivery of your project with a range of services and solutions.


Some of the range of Solutions we provide to clients are listed however we are aware that often the problems we address are unique and seek to meet each client at their point of need and provide a bespoke knowledge based solution.



For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


“Solutions” to LEXXER means listening to you and finding out what the problem really is, not simply what it appears to be right now. Often underlying fault-lines, systemic failings or institutionalized legacy issues are really the problem, and often anything that does not address them really only papers over the real problem.   Our solutions are innovative and effective based on knowledge and analogical reasoning. We often see refer to the Ps in problems :

  • People: addressed using training , motivation and empowerment;
  • Pecuniary: where finance can be developed;
  • Place: often location, and the best use of space can resolve matters;
  • Process: by applying best practice and fresh thinking;
  • Project: to either develop or relaunch a failing project can help;
  • Product: we offer solutions in terms of production and promotion.


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