Helping You Get AHEAD

Helping You Get AHEAD

Our AHEAD Programme will use the past to build a better future, as we facilitate discussions about the past, using Applied Heritage to learn and to find a common understanding which will promote reconciliation.

For too long the past has meant division and difficulty, our vision is to tackle the difficult issues and to turn heritage to our advantage. The AHEAD Programme has been pioneered by LEXXER Solutions after a number of years working in the heritage sector on a range of Council, PEACE, Heritage Lottery Fund and Community Relations funded projects.

Our programme helps groups to develop local history and heritage as an asset, both in terms of cultural tourism and also in support of improving community relations. From consultancy services to accredited courses based around a facilitated workshops training programme it is designed to meet the PEACE IV emphasis on Building Good Relations. For this we propose to use the Applied Heritage model which has been developed to use heritage to transform society. 

The units involved include a contextual course based on a comparative study of the past with the present using the latter as a lens through which to not simply study but also experience the former. The second unit would be based around Applied Heritage Methods and their use in Reconciliation, with the course aimed at both training those who would be identified as leaders and peace makers in their communities in the broader skills and also giving them experience of the course as it might be deployed in a community setting at a lower OCN level.

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AIMing to Suceed
DRAW Your Own Conclusions

DRAW Your Own Conclusions

The DRAW service offered by LEXXER Soliutions is designed to help your draw our new ideas and draw your own conclusions resulting in well designed new projects, which will gain funding and actually work in real life.

The aim is to help clients turn their vision into a funded reality and to move from dream through the design phase to actual delivery. Our knowledge brokerage approach provides the skills, services and support to make this happen.

The DRAW Programme works with clients to



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The  service will help with the often daunting task of project design and grant application writing.

We work with clients to help them develop their won ideas, to work out whicj solution best fits the problem they seek to solve.

Our research services help cleints measure need and demand and present a coherent case which funders will understand. The aim of our team is to help yopu ‘Draw Your Own Conclusions’, not to force one size fits all solitions or project ideas onto you.

Funders quite rightly do not like to see the heavy hand of a consultant at this stage. The logic is clear and we would be the first to support them in saying that is a group is not able to state their own case, or write their own application then doubt shoudl be cast about their ability down the line to run and sucesfully manage that project.

That is why we work with groups to help them form theor own ideas and develop their own initiatives. We use our expereince and knowledge to advise and articulate what the cleint has concluded. However the concepts are very much home grown and reflect the wishes of the client.

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Helping you RESPOND

Helping you RESPOND

LEXXER Solutions have developed a new programme to help groups and organisations respond to the often complicated and confusing range of consultations and calls for responses to government policies and new legislation. With the increased levels of community consultation and planning, as well as funders requirements to see projects supported with surveys and community actions plans groups can often be swamped with consultations and community planning exercises.

Our service will take the burden off organisations and allow them to develop well researched and reasoned responses to a range of consultations. It will add weight and wisdom to the authentic voices of members and others. The legal and public affairs expertise of our team will allow you to amplify your voice and to ensure that it is heard by those who make the decisions.

We love to talk and listen to your opinions ideas and to consider the options with you. Often the issues you are required to respond to are complicated and full of legal or political jargon, so out first step is usually to help you understand it and the range of options that are available.

Then we help you talk to your members and other key stakeholders in order to reflect the breadth of opinion.

The process is all put together in a Programme we have entitled RESPONDS. This stands for Researching the issues involved, Educating those making a response, identifying and engaging key Stakeholders, Preparing your response, though Organised events and activities to stimulate debate, and Negotiating differing opinions. This will result in a submission which will be delivered and disseminated to those opinion formers and decision makers in a Strategic manners to increase impact.

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Why use LEXXER’s political consultants?

Each day, the opinions and decisions of others affect you and your business. Policy and political decisions made at local, national and European levels affect us all. Laws, regulations and policies, and decisions about procurement, grants and aid, shape the context within which organisations and individuals operate.


For the system to function effectively there needs to be a constant information flow. Organisations outside government have a right to know about what is going on within the political system; and government decisions are better if they are informed by the views of those affected.

Most organisations recognise the importance of ensuring that they have good relations with, and a close understanding of, Parliament and Government. They may choose to employ their own, in house, public affairs staff (often as part of a communications function, and sometimes referred to as government relations or regulatory affairs).

However, many organisations cannot afford such in house staff and suffer as a result. At LEXXER we provide specialist political consultants and public affairs advisers, focussing wholly on government and the political systems, the people who have a role to play in decision making.

Stormont buildings , the site of the Northern Ireland government
Stormont buildings , the site of the Northern Ireland government

Political consultants typically provide services including:

Monitoring: providing analysis of activities in Parliament Devolved Assemblies and Whitehall, in the political parties, local government, public bodies, pressure groups, think tanks and EU institutions, including debates, questions, committee inquiries, statements, reports, legislation and regulation

General public affairs and programme support: assistance with political research, with drafting written submissions to Government consultations and select committee inquiries, with the administration of programmes of meetings with target audiences and so on.

Profile raising: supporting organisations wanting to be better known and understood by political stakeholders as they engage with government, Parliament and other key influencers

Lobbying: helping organisations wanting policy, legislative or regulatory change to understand who the key decision makers are, when to approach them, and how best to make their case.

Strategic communications advice: full campaigns in the political arenas to achieve particular objectives, often within a framework of wider internal communications and public relations work.

Public relations: providing media management and other supporting publicity activity to underpin wider lobbying campaigns.

Audit: testing the perceptions held of organisations by political and other stakeholders, and auditing the effectiveness of previous political engagement.

In short LEXXER’s LEX REX Services will put you in the political know and help you to be heard and seen. Make sure that those whose opinions and decisions matter to you also know about you.