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RIGHTS – Our Responsibility

Rights – Right Now

LEXXER helps you be heard, and often our advocacy services relate to your Rights and how they should be exercised, protected and promoted. Human Rights inspire and empower the LEXXER Team, with much of our pro bono work relating to his area. 

We have a proven track record in the field of Human Rights, with a particular interest in their application in areas which have suffered from conflict. Northern Ireland has much to teach the world in this area, and we fell that this knowledge is an important commodity of value to many other countries.

Local Universities, political institutions, as well as the community and voluntary sector have a vast repository of knowledge and at LEXXER we work across sectors to ensure that such experience and ideas are used to ensure Rights for all- Right Now.

Our Knowledge Brokerage services link those with an academic, legal and policy interest in Rights to those whose rights are under threat. Today the concept of rights encompasses a wide area of individual and commercial interests. If you feel you have not been treated fairly or equally and have suffered as a result then speak to us today. Or if you are a business or public body concerned about Human Rights or Equality compliance, promotion or policy then speak to our specialist team today.

Increasingly Rights have been a source of division and conflict, with individuals and interest groups campaigning and using them to further their own agenda. We not only protect and support the rights of clients we also define and defend against claims and campaigns which use Rights and Equality as a means to an end.  




LEXXER Solutions – Rights Now

The LEXXER concept incorporates a multi-disciplinary process, which builds upon and connects up work from separate areas in a way that generates new perspectives, fresh insights and innovative methodologies which expand and refine knowledge of a particular problem providing effective solutions.

LEXXER  provides a range of professional human rights consultancy services to Local, National, and International Organisations, as well as Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations.

The specialist advice and expertise offered by LEXXER includes:

  • Audits & Accountability assessments of existing human rights policies and procedures;
  • Bespoke human rights education, in particular in relation to the European Convention on Human Rights, and its application in Northern Ireland;
  • Compliance with international human rights obligations with advice and interventions to develop effective techniques for monitoring compliance;
  • Delivery of Human Rights Research and Policy Development Services, to equip organisations and communities to engage in the wider debates and activities which shape the sector;
  • Effective monitoring of policing, justice and penal practice as well as non-state actors assessments and interventions.


We provide a range of rights based services under the themes of  :-




We provide a range of bespoke and innovative legal services which will define, defend and deliver your rights.


From the area of Human Rights, through to Equality we will ensure that our clients get what they are entitled to as our Public Affairs experts lobby and influence tomorrows laws today.


Where your rights have been damaged or limited we will work to redress that, through communications and public relations strategies which work.



For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER addresses the breadth of human rights issues, providing crucial linkages between those who understand rights with those whose rights are under threat. At LEXXER we will keep you Right.

Our access to academic resources is matched by the practical skills and experience of those who have worked in the field for decades. Often NGOs and international organisations have a wealth of knowledge which is of use in everyday local problems. Our speciality is accessing the unique insight and experience of local knowledge holders who have witnessed, campaigned against, and successfully challenged  rights and equality issues.  

Often now these issues have socio-economic impacts on business and service providers and our experts will ensure that you are kept right. Our compliance consultancy work will give you a clear picture of your obligations and any statutory or suggested standards, as well as looking ahead to help you future proof.