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Helping You to be Heard

Often clients come to us when they are in the middle of a crisis. Our motto is ¬†‘its never too late’, and there is always something that can be done. Often being caught in the midst of a storm or being enmeshed in a problem means that you cannot see the best solution or way forward.

Our blend of knowledge and experience means you benefit from wisdom and this wise counsel and definitive action will improve your present situation. Often the damage goes beyond the present problem such as a failed product or financial problems and can have a lasting impact on sales, reputation or funding. Therefore we seek to offer redress on all fronts.

Often this is redress through direct action such as legal measures leading to litigation. Alternatively it can be to solve fix or clear up the problem with the added  measures of public relations work to mitigate negative publicity. Often the media can run away with an issue and you need to get a chance to tell your side of the story to redress what others have said.

If the problem is longer term such as a change in policy or practice, which leaves you at a disadvantage our team will develop a strategic response to tip the scales back in your favour. At each point LEXXER will be your advocate speaking and acting for you and furthering your interests this protecting your future. Our advocacy work cuts across law, politics, policy and public relations and speaking up for you means acting for you.

Our objective is to redress the situation by words and actions to give you control and a chance to move forward. Our experience and knowledge will give you the cutting edge and the advantage needed to survive the storm.


Much of our Solutions and Consultancy cuts across Advocacy as they meet at the point of your need. If a problem has occured speak to us today before it develops into a crisis – if you already at crisis point speak to us before it becomes a disaster. Even when you think all is lost we guarantee we can still help.

From recourse problems like debt, to reputation damage like a failed service LEXXER will be a strong imaginative advocate helping to redress the problem. Our services specialise in loss mitigation and management aiming to get back what you lost or restoring you to the position or place you once were,

We specialise in:



Our legal services offer exciting and innovative yet cost effective ways to solve your legal problems, and to redress the balance through litigation


Our agency and management services will help you, your organisation or brand excel. We work to address and redress any issues which hold you back or damage you.


Good Public Relations means communicating and shaping opinion let us help you to be seen and heard. Often this is telling your side of the story.


Often problems cause lasting damage to your firm or organisation’s reputation with a knock on effect on sales, recruitment and profits. Let us repair your reputation.


Most businesses and organisation which go bankrupt are trading well but crippled with cash flow problems. Let us get what your owed an balance your books.


Often solving problems, restoring your to your former position or returning resources you are owed is best achieved through arbitration and mediation.



Redressing the Balance

For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER’s Advocacy Work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. By coming to us early we can work in a strategic way to keep you out of harm and to ensure growth and success. But often that isn’t the case so we are as used to assisting in the middle of a crisis and helping you to respond and seize the initiative.

Often the balance of power is against you or things have changed leaving you at a disadvantage and you need help. Speak to our team today to see what we can do. A problem shared is a problem halved so the first step is to ask.