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Helping You to be Heard

LEXXER’s Public Affairs section LEX REX is now offering a new Party Conference Program of Services. If you have watched the news over the last few weeks and wondered just what political parties do at their Conferences, or how your business or organisation can get on board come and speak to us.

We work with partners to provide Party Conference event organisation with eye catching and exciting fringe events, stands, meeting programmes, exhibitions and short cuts.

It is the perfect culmination of a year’s lobbying or campaigning and gives you the best access to politicians in a more accessible relaxed environment. Party Conferences are more relaxed informal affairs but a surprising amount of networking and business gets done.

Our knowledge based approach brings together lobbyists and former politicians, to provide a unique insight into how best to promote your message. Indeed one of our services includes a professional endorsement service (PET) where your campaign is fronted up and spoken up for by a champion.   

Our PET Projects can attract former politicians even prime ministers who are known and respected by former colleagues and give you access, endorsement and a degree of weight as you attend conference. Don’t be left standing like other exhibitors on the fringe of conferences, let us give you a front row seat!

LEX REX can advise you every step of the way and work with the political parties directly to deliver the most effective presence and value for money. We guarantee we will help you meet more people and generate more interest in your campaign or cause, your company or product.



The Party Conference season will be the last chance to put issues onto the political agenda this year and will soon be over. If you have missed this year speak to our team today to plan for 2016.

We can work with you to organise not just your attendance but the run up to it so that by the time you attend next year, doors will already be open and contacts made. By that stage the work you have put in will be paying dividends. This could be your last opportunity to influence policy making and politics before issues are locked down.

Our team has attended and worked at all party conferences and are dedicated to ensuring imaginative, innovative and effective party conference programmes. We specialise in:




Fringe Events open to any conference delegate. LEX REX will help you to set the stage literally and metaphorically as you shape the debate so that it appeals to each political party. We take your core message and gear it to the party you wish to appeal to usually the party of government, or we extract different angles to ensure that it is streamlined with each parties polities and preferences. Then we ensure that your team are on message and well prepared before they are taken to conference.


Roundtable events, breakfasts and dinners can all be facilitated with the opportunity to meet in an informal setting to do business or explore issues. Focused discussions with around 20 invited guests designed to give a more personal approach and more influential access. These events are where real business is done, and again we work to your budget and style. These events can open doors and create alliances and even friendships which we cannot put a price on.


A one to one meeting programme at the conferences where your team are briefed and mentored to give them the confidence and skills to make meetings matter. These can be time efficient and have a real impact, as you put a face to your firm or cause. Often the passion and pride of a member of your group or the professional and polite manner of your staff can win over support in a way a speaker at the front of a room never will.


Receptions and parties can make your firm the focal point of an entire conference. Whatever the budget, LEX REX will ensure that your party is “the place to be” at this year’s conference. It will mix business with pleasure and will ensure that your firm will be the talk of conference. Our knowledge brokerage approach means that unlike other firms who employ a team of dusty old politicos to organise your events we have the right mix of skills and experience and our party planners are more used to cocktail parties than political parties bringing the best of both worlds to the table.


We will work hard to make sure you are Out Standing, in terms or your Exhibition Stand and presentations. In terms of design, placement and pitch our team will give you the best advantage in what will be a busy place. Standing out within a packed exhibition hall can be difficult. LEX REX will ensure you draw a crowd in a way that is not cheap or gimmicky. Our Short Cuts ideas will bring delegates to you and ensure that they stay and listen, and return to your fringe events.


Our PR section LEXiCOMM work alongside LEX REX teams to give you the best media exposure. We will ensure that all your events are promoted then fed live and finally followed up across social and traditional media. Our Media training services and support will ensure all your staff are able to perform in front of the cameras as well as follow up press work. We will make you the story of party conference and give you the platform to perform with follow up articles and exposure.


LEXXER – The Know How

For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEX REX provides full service support including booking, the management and promotion of events, branding, literature and adverts as well as speaker liaison and full briefings for any of your Conference Team or support staff.

For more information and to discuss your needs in more detail please contact the LEX REX Team but hurry because we believe we offer the best service and we focus on only one client in each of our budget brackets.