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The Answer to Your Question


Many of us give regularly to charity – through donations, time and participation. However one of the main concerns donors have is where their money actually goes and how it is used. Fears of funds being diverted to salaries or administrative costs, wasted in red tape or bureaucracy or locked away and not actually reaching those in need deter many of us.

The answer is to work with us at LEXXER to make your contribution count. Trust us to set up and manage a Trust on your behalf. Your giving can be governed by what you want, and managed in a way that you see the results, both in terms of philanthropic outcomes but also in terms of tax and public relations benefits for you or your company.

Many serious givers have set up their own foundations; they feel the need to give something back or to create a lasting legacy. For those who have worked hard all their lives there comes a time when money and material things are no longer the priority and it is time to think of what they can be used to achieve.

Our advice and assistance will help those who wish to help others at whatever level you are at. For many it will be a culmination of decades of charitable work with a strategic and sustainable plan for various strands of charity work for others it is the start of their journey.

Many of our clients wish to develop a clear ‘CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY’ strategy, and see supporting local charities and community initiatives as a part of their long term development. At LEXXER we have a clear vision of our “corporate citizenship”, and this provides us with a firm ethical and practical basis for advising others.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how businesses align their values and behaviour with the expectations and needs of stakeholders – not just customers and investors, but also employees, suppliers, communities, regulators, special interest groups and society as a whole. One of the ways which your company can be seen to be acting in a ‘socially responsible’ way is to give to both local and national charities, and, or through pro bono work to support causes or communities.

We work with companies to assess and take responsibility for their effects on the environment and impact on social welfare, and provide imaginative and effective strategies to go beyond what may be required by regulators or pressure groups. We specialise in offsetting impact of new developments or addressing local community concerns especially within the planning process.

We aim to help you promote proactive social and environmental change and in turn to benefit you in practical and positive ways. We believe that charity starts at home and that giving must give something back. We offer a range of tax-efficient and dynamic solutions to manage charitable programmes that are on message. It is often a difficult and confusing process with a world of worth causes all equally in need. Even the very act of giving to one in preference to another can lead to negative publicity, therefore at LEXXER we handle the applications and ensure that you and the chosen charity get the best results.

LEXXER – Finding Financial Solutions

LEXXER has developed a new service everyone from the pensioner to the entrepreneur, the man on the street to the multi-millionaire to develop their charitable giving. We also work with existing corporate foundations to develop their programmes and support their fundraising.

Our Knowledge Brokerage model allows us to draw upon the skills of legal and financial advisors, with specialist knowledge of charity law and practice, to offer you bespoke solutions whatever the level of giving you are considering. Our service is a professional, independent informed ‘one-stop shop’ to determine, develop and deliver charitable giving. We will sit down and consider what you are looking to achieve both in terms of results for others like those in need as well as yourself.

Our knowledge of the community and voluntary sector means that we are best placed to see needs and opportunities to maximise the impact of your giving. Our assistance goes beyond advice, as we are active in our pursuit of your goals. We treat your giving as an investment not only in the eventual beneficiary but also in yourself, and will work to ensure that it meets your objectives.

This means the development of lasting legacy programmes, the identification of trending causes which will offer the maximum returns. We take a business approach to charity work and see your money as an investment. Our knowledge brokerage model allows us to marry experts in philanthropic development, with practitioners in the third sector and investment experts. Our unique model is based upon applying business and investment principles and practice to giving.  

Not only will we develop new projects or programmes tailored to individuals’ or businesses’ interests, we will also maximise fundraising potential, in both financial and non financial ways.


Who is the Service for?

We work with individuals and organisations which:

  • Have decided to give but aren’t sure where to begin– we offer independent, informed professional advice to help shape a philanthropic strategy, give advice about tax-effective giving and the best kind of charitable programme development.

  • Have their own ideas about what they wish to support– we can design new, maximum-impact, legacy programmes tailored to client specifications and secure additional funds in partnership with others.

  • Have existing trusts, foundations or programmes– we can provide strategic professional management and development services which will maximise impact, guarantee sustainability and can attract significant additional funding resulting in better longer lasting results for benefactor and beneficiary.

We also work with charities, and community and voluntary sector groups and are best placed to act as an honest broker between benefactors and beneficiaries. We advice both on strategic engagement one with another and pride ourselves in matching creating the perfect partnerships. 

Again we apply business sense to this process treating it like any other partnership ensuring that expectations are managed, that messages are coordinated and that meaningful cooperation is assured.

We provide a range of Pecuniary services under the themes of  :-


Range of Giving Options

Strategic Donation Service

The provision of advice on both causes and how to structure your giving, will provide not only a strategic approach but will maximise impact for both benefactor and beneficiary.

Personal Donation Fund

The use of a Personal Donation Fund (PDF) provides a number of significant advantages to the donor compared to their setting up a separate charitable trust or organisation

Trust Creation Process

The use of our Trust Creation Process (TCP) provides a one stop shop for the development planning and creation of a charitable trust. Clients use both trusts and foundations to hold assets and for succession planning

Foundation Creation Process

our Foundation Creation Process (FCP) provides a one stop shop for the development planning and creation of a foundation,which has an independent legal identity and holds assets in its own name.

Legacy Creation Process

We offer a range of legacy and succession planning services from will making to lifetime legacy projects to carry on your name and life work

Corporate Giving Strategies

We offer a range services and solutions to ensure that businesses can give until it doesn’t hurt. We see giving as an investment, bearing corporate social responsibility, public relations and tax returns


Some of the range of Solutions we provide to clients are listed however we are aware that often the problems we address are unique and seek to meet each client at their point of need and provide a bespoke knowledge based solution.



For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact



LEXXER passionately believes in the power of knowledge as an agent of change and improvement. We have a clear social conscience as a firm which is bourne out in our faith based principle of giving ten percent to help others. Whether this is ten percent of our profits, or reduced prices for non-profit clients, or our time and skills in pro bono work we believe that its good to give something back.

We are also establishing the LEXXER Trust as a means of encouraging, promoting and delivering philanthropic giving and knowledge exchange by individuals and businesses. Through this and out commercial practice we hope to ensure a new approach to giving and provide advice and interventions that will

  • help a donor to develop philanthropic programmes based on their own wishes;
  • invest and manage the funds;
  • implement effective fundraising strategies to leverage an investment 1:3;
  • identify and distribute grants; and
  • evaluate the impact of awards made against the donor’s objectives.