Knowledge brokers know knowledge, and use knowledge to give clients a cutting edge.  LEXXER will investigate, locate, collate and disseminate different sources of knowledge to interpret and translate insights, solutions, advice, and  interventions  for a clients.

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Our role is to facilitate interactions between the research and research user communities and to put research results into context, using language that can readily be understood by research users and other stakeholders. This means brokering and trading in knowledge like any commodity. Clients have problems often they lack knowledge, skills, staff, experience or other resources, and LEXXER is a solutions firm.


Our strength is knowing the knowledge and solutions landscape, and being able to map it and navigate it. Often conventional solutions firms or consultants simple apply the same tired approaches to ever more demanding and difficult problems. At LEXXER we take a longer wider view and employ analogical reasoning to produce bespoke solutions.


Having access to experts, academics, practitioners and peers we can offer not just the solution but the person best placed to solve the problem. The skills and activities of knowledge brokers include:

boxes-629x240– clear communication;

– understanding of the cultures of both the research and decision-making   environments;

– an ability to generate trust and be credible;

– facilitation, mediation and negotiation abilities;

– an ability to find and assess relevant research in a variety of formats;

– entrepreneurial skills (networking, problem solving, innovating).


LEXXER bridges the gap between those who know and those who need to know. Knowledge brokering links researchers, academics, experts, consultants, practitioners and peers with those who realise they have a problem. Often clients do not have the requisite in-house staff or skills, the issue or problem is new and unforeseen, the question is too difficult and the possible answers too complicated, or the organisation is too close to provide the solution.

Finding someone to provide a solution is often as difficult as the original problem and that is where LEXXER steps in. Our ability to locate, manage and deliver the best person or to source and utilise the existing knowledge will allow clients to focus on what they do best.

As a broker we aim to build relationships based upon knowledge exchange facilitating interaction so that both parties are able to better understand each other’s goals and professional culture, influence each other’s work, forge new partnerships, and use research-based evidence. Brokering is ultimately about supporting evidence-based decision-making in the organization, management, and delivery of services.
Knowledge brokering is a central component of knowledge transfer. It is the active, relationship-building aspect of knowledge transfer, a third party role dedicated to linking researchers and research users, academic and end users, professionals with practitioners and knowledge holders with those who need solutions, so that information, innovation and support can flow freely between them.

Knowledge brokering is a dynamic activity, the human force behind knowledge exchange, adaptation and adoption. It involves bringing people together, helping to build links, identifying gaps and needs, and sharing ideas. It allows information to be used to solve a problem or lead to a better way of doing things.

It also includes assisting groups to communicate and understand each others’ abilities and needs, and assists with guiding people to sources of research. This may include summarising and synthesising research and policy into easily understood formats and transforming issues into research questions. Knowledge brokering encourages the use of research in planning and implementation and uses evaluation activities to identify successes or improvements.

LEXXER aims to bridge the knowledge gap through direct interaction between knowledge synthesiser and knowledge user (eg researcher and policy maker). The brokering process at the centre of a variety of activities from priority setting, research production, synthesis, dissemination and research use capacity. The main objectives of the role are increased evidence-informed decision making and production of more relevant research.

In a commercial setting treating knowledge as a commodity is an innovative approach and it aims to revolutionise the entire area of solutions and consultancy. For too long consultants have rehashed old solutions, cut and paste previous work, and charged extortionate sums for reinventing the wheel. LEXXER will sweep all that aside and introduce ethical, professional, innovative knowledge led methods.

Knowledge brokering is about bringing people together, building relationships and sharing ideas and evidence that provide solutions for clients. It is the human connection that makes knowledge transfer – the movement of knowledge from one place or group of people to another – more effective. Knowledge brokering draws knowledge makers and knowledge needers out of their silos. It helps them to see beyond their immediate boundaries so they can collaborate and communicate to arrive at evidence-based decisions in healthcare. It is, therefore, entirely a third-party role in the decision-making process, which breaks down barriers by using analogical reasoning to produce innovative solutions.

LEXXER aims to close the “know–do gap” and foster greater more productive relationships between universities and both the business and community sectors. Some areas like engineering and bio-med technologies are advanced in knowledge exchange whereas in the humanities this is unheard of. The approach to both science and humanities sectors will be different due to levels of development.

The knowledge brokerage model and ethos will change existing friends in which LEXXER seeks to such as consultancy and solutions sectors ,public affairs, public relations and others.  Knowledge brokering takes a new approach,  brings new skills and is different in that it creates “an ongoing dialogue and exchange” between professionals experts academics researchers and practitioners – and the client.


LEXXER will work at the interface of research and policy, acting as INFOMEDIARIES facilitating managing and developing knowledge as a marketable commodity.


Market Opportunities

resources_informationA driving force has been the increased focus on the ‘knowledge economy’ or ‘knowledge society’ and, more recently, ‘knowledge impact.’ Our vision is to see LEXXER transforming Northern Ireland into an international knowledge ‘shipyard’ where local skills, knowledge and experience are fashioned into world leading solutions. LEXXER will develop this sector to be in this new century what the Belfast shipyards were in the last – centres of innovation and excellence. Our local universities are at the core of this vision and our strategy is in 9 – 12 months to have formed working relationships with both local and one mainland and one republic of Ireland University, acting as their consultant on the commercialisation of knowledge.

We believe that knowledge should be used and useful, should boost the economy, be transformed into marketable products or patents, and have an economic, cultural, social, or political value.”

In the United Kingdom, we welcome the development of ‘research impact’ as a measure [used] to rank U.K. universities and determine funding. This means investment in staff to promote research impact has become a priority, and LEXXER will work to promote this and give it practical expression.


We also aim to work with knowledge brokers internationally who have been organizing and creating their own support system, helping to “build a global community of knowledge practitioners” as part of the K* Initiative. The K* Initiative has been gathering assessments of the importance and impact of knowledge brokering so that knowledge brokers can use the data to win the support of colleagues and management at their institutions.


Already the concept has opened new fields such as the work of the Overseas Development Institute, a think tank based in London, as part of a team analyzing and providing advice about links between research and policy in developing countries.


In short this is a new business concept for Northern Ireland and even the UK and Republic of Ireland. It has a unique market place in that we all have problems and require solutions, therefore as a Knowledge Broker LEXXER can market itself as

  1. Knowledge Broker –  a consultant in this new field working with universities to develop better higher impact and commercially useful research. Knowledge exchange such as is funded between Universities and business would be a primary market, ie a consultant for what replaces the Innovation vouchers Scheme.
  2. Consultant using knowledge brokerage model

This approach will allow LEXXER to compete across any field against even the largest firms since our practice will be to simply source those who can complete the work.


LEXXER will act like hub to locate manage and promote the services of others, and either charge for the time or the product or personnel placement. From legal services, to project management; fundraising and resource management to standard consultancy; training to trouble shooting. The opportunities are vast since the core business is to source the right people or the right knowledge.


The graphics below illustrate the interlocking nature of our work and how so many areas overlap. Knowledge underpins it all and we will provide a holistic approach to clients needs. From resourcing to reputation we will provide solutions which guarantee results. Much of what we do will be in the areas of advocacy and agency, acting on client’s behalf representing their interests to the public and to politicians and policy makers as well as legal services which cover legislative work based on lobbying through to litigation and legal redress to protect their rights. Consultancy services will be both advice and intervention based with both products and services as well as staff and skills placement. Underpinning all this will be our renaissance approach to knowledge.



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