LEXXER working with Institute of Knowledge Transfer

LEXXER Solutions is Northern Ireland’s only Knowledge Brokerage firm, and as such is working closely with the Institute of Knowledge Transfer to raise the profile and articulate the need for both the business and third sectors to invest in this valuable work.

The CBI have realized the potential of knowledge exchange as an economic driver, in times of cuts and austerity, Knowledge Brokerage offers the best hope for growth and development. The idea many appear innovative but we do it every day when we have a problem, get stuck or find ourselves lost. We simply stop, find someone we think will know and ask them. That is what LEXXER does, it facilitates those sorts of helpful conversations, and the results speak for themselves.

The IKT takes part in CBI commissioned DVD “Fit For Tomorrow”:

LEXXER Invests in Academic Underpinning

Research into Knowledge Transfer Practice (RiKTp) or “Academic Underpinning” is about exploring research into approaches which develop a better understanding of Knowledge Transfer (KT). “Research into Knowledge Transfer Practice” illustrates our commitment to encouraging, supporting and disseminating academic research, as part of its interest in progressing professional practice of KT in areas that impact on the delivery of effective KT services.  The work the Institute of Knowledge Transfer is what first drew us to them as they have a clear vision like ours of a future where Knowledge Exchange is the norm not the exception. This commitment extends to working across boundaries of academic research and practitioners to improve the positioning and understanding of the role of KT professional.

As part of our engagement with the Institute we hope to host a conference on Knowledge Exchange in the near future.

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