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Helping You to be Heard

Litigation is life changing for an individual or a company, by the time you get to court you are often fighting for your very future, as a negative judgement can destroy everything. At LEXXER we will do more than give you your day in court, whether it is as a litigant in person or as part of a strategically organised team we will ensure that you win – no matter what the result in court is!

Our holistic strategic approach means that the fight starts from day one, and court is only one part of a bigger plan. We will sit down with you and find out what you want and how best to achieve it. Often cases are won and lost in the court of public opinion and as a result we will present your case inside and outside of court as we fight every step for you.

Our knowledge brokerage approach ensures that you have the best brains in the business as well as the leading advocates and experts on side. Our approach is to apply not only the best legal knowledge, experience and skills to your case but the best strategic, social science, psychology and research skills and knowledge.

Rather than simply meeting a solicitor for a few consultations and maybe seeing your barrister on the day of trial we will sit down with you from the start to plan the best way forward, to ensure that you and your team are prepared and on message. Our approach to litigation is based on international best practice and will ensure that your have the cutting edge in court – knowledge.

LAWFARE is our strategic holistic knowledge based approach to legal problems. We will fight for you each step of the way and give you both the men and munitions to ensure success. We do things differently here and instead of keeping you out of the process and distant from those representing you we will make you part of the team – this is your case, this is your life and you are the person best placed to lead the fight.

LAWFARE provides a full-service litigation consulting firm, providing a range of research, trial, mediation, and ADR consulting services, including mock trials and focus groups, case strategy and theme development, venue and community attitude surveys, witness and advocate preparation,  trial and media monitoring, in-court monitoring, shadow juries,  and post-trial responses and onward planning.


Our legal services are based on our unique knowledge brokerage model and offer support and representation at every level from small claims courts through to the UK Supreme Court and beyond to the European Court of Human Rights, with litigation partners in the United States and Canada. 

LEXXER LAW provides legal services, litigation strategy, communications, crisis intervention and a world of other imaginative effective interventions to ensure that you, your organisation or cause is seen and heard.

We specialise in:


LAWFARE – Making Your Case Our Cause


Direct Access to Advocacy uses our Knowledge Brokerage model to source and brief the best legal advocates for you.


Our litigation consultancy and legal strategy services, will do more than just prepare your case they will develop a holistic strategy as they plan to win


Our knowledge brokerage skills excel in finding the most professional and persuasive expert witnesses, and professional services from forensics to medical experts to support your case.


LEXXER LAW – the future of legal services


For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER’s Advocacy Work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. At LEXXER LAW we aim to lift the bar, in both the sense of improving the quality of legal services and raising the standard of consumer choice and satisfaction; but also removing any impediments or bars on access to justice. These may be cost, confidence or capacity related and we aim to provide a framework which will support you to fight your case.

Alternatively we would like yo make your case our cause as you engage us to help you. Whether you want your day in court or want to avoid it, we will provide strategic support and advice to ensure that you win no matter what the verdict is. Our services will ensure that your reputation is protected, your assets safeguarded and your case defended as we fight for you each step of the way.