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Helping You to be Heard

If you drive a car, own a house, plan a holiday or even worry about getting sick the most natural thing you do to protect yourself and your family or property is to take our insurance. It is the sensible option to prevent loss and protect against those unforeseen factors which can change everything.

Litigation should be no different, and at LEXXER LAW while we plan to win, we are also aware that law and justice are not always one and the same. Judges and juries have their bad days too, they make mistakes and yes they get things wrong. Often lawyers are reluctant to admit it, but the law can be a cruel and unpredictable thing where even the best cases well argued do not always win, or win in the ay your had hoped.

Therefore just as in any other walk of life, insurance is there to cover the cost and the complications if things do not go as planned. We work with insurers and first check if existing policies have legal cover which will be the first and best source of funding to help you defend yourself in court or to launch action against another. Many people are unaware of the legal insurance they have covering a range of activities undertaken. Therefore our first task is to ENSURE that you do not already have insurance which will meet the costs.

However if existing insurance does not cover the costs, then LEXXER work to INSURE you in order to fight your case. We will look at After the Event Insurance a specialist form of insurance which will support a claim and mitigate any risk if it is unsuccessful.  ATE Insurance was first introduced in England and Wales, and  this type of insurance has recently been introduced in Northern Ireland as a method of funding the legal cost of a case which also removes the risk of further cost implications if you are unsuccessful in your claim.

Our LitigATE Insurance will step in after the event that gives rise to the action.  It is geared towards personal injury claims such, as workplace accidents, road accidents or medical negligence actions, however we are working with legal experts to develop its use in a range of non injury cases including such as Insolvency & Debt Recovery, Commercial Litigation and even family law matters such as divorce.

The normal rule of litigation is that the unsuccessful party to proceedings must bear both sets of costs.  ATE insurance is a legal expenses insurance policy which can fully protect the claimant against an award to their opponent of costs. It can be extended to cover your own outlay including Barrister fees, Independent Expert fees, stamp duty and all other payments out by you. 

Finally LEXXER LAW will fight hard to ASSURE you of victory, at the lowest costs possible. We believe that access to justice should be affordable and that the potential risk of having to pay costs if you lose, should not be a bar to court.

Our knowledge brokerage model lends itself to brokering not just the skills but the services of insurers who have agreed to provide indemnity for litigants.


Our legal services are based on our unique knowledge brokerage model and offer support and representation at every level from small claims courts through to the UK Supreme Court and beyond to the European Court of Human Rights, with litigation partners in the United States and Canada. 

LEXXER LAW provides legal services, litigation strategy, communications, crisis intervention and a world of other imaginative effective interventions to ensure that you, your organisation or cause is seen and heard.

We specialise in:


LEXXER LAW – Making Your Case Our Cause


Our first step is to ensure that you do not have existing legal cover that will save on the cost of traditional legal fees, or cover them entirely.


The first case we fight is the case to get you insured to ensure that access to justice is made affordable, and after the event insurance protects you.


Take the risk out of litigation and the cost out of legal services, by planning ahead or if we find you after that point we will fight hard to assure you of victory.


LEXXER LAW – the future of legal services


For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER’s Advocacy Work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. At LEXXER LAW we aim to lift the bar, in both the sense of improving the quality of legal services and raising the standard of consumer choice and satisfaction; but also removing any impediments or bars on access to justice. These may be cost, confidence or capacity related and we aim to provide a framework which will support you to fight your case.

Alternatively we would like yo make your case our cause as you engage us to help you. Whether you want your day in court or want to avoid it, we will provide strategic support and advice to ensure that you win no matter what the verdict is. Our services will ensure that your reputation is protected, your assets safeguarded and your case defended as we fight for you each step of the way.