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LEXiCOMM – speaking for you

Helping You to be Heard

LEXXER’s strategic approach, attention to detail and knowledge, helps our client-partners with media relations, content development, brand positioning, crisis planning and management, social media marketing, thought leadership, cause marketing, SEO, and internal and corporate communications.

Our LEXiCOMM team ensures that PR results and the quality content we produce work to maximise your social media, online reputation management, search optimization, and sales efforts.  To maximize outcomes, we offer digital marketing services, or collaborate with your in-house and external Internet marketing teams to integrate marketing activities and leverage content. This knowledge brokerage approach allows us to pull experts from different sectors and pool their knowledge and skills for you.

This multi-disciplinary approach means we focus on cross utilization of messaging and content to achieve our client-partners’ communications goals.  We realize that public relations, or earned media, is just part of a wider strategic approach to ensuring that you are seen and heard. LEXiCOMM has developed a range of services and products to help you REACH your audience and to draw on a range of skills from Public Affairs to Public Engagement Consultancy.



LEXiCOMM specialises in managing your message, maintaining your reputation, mitigating your risks and marketing your brand or cause. In the modern digital age with a host of social media outlets this has now become more difficult. It is harder to be seen and heard and beyond the reach of many smaller firms and organisations to manage their communications in-house, therefore let us do it for you. We make it as easy as A..B..C…

ADVERTISING – we can give you an advantage in the marketplace through our use of print, digital, and tactical placement

BRANDING – reach your goals by building your brand,  and delivering your message, at the right time, through the right channel.

COMMUNICATIONS- ensuring you are seen and heard as you REACH your chosen audiences on-line and in real time. 


We specialise in:




LEXXER’s ION services ensure positive results for you as you REACH the audiences that matter, through consultation, creation and coordination.


Our marketing experts will help you get your message out on-line and in real time with our ABC plans – Advertising, Branding and Communications.


Our research and knowledge base will provide a range of obervation services from media watch and market intelligence to forecasting.


Our range of on-line and material publication skills range from design and copy writing to printing and promotion.


Our knowledge in Public Affairs, Public Relations and Public Engagement will give you the foundation to build upon.


Our strategic approach to reputation management will help you create a brand, and develop a profile as well as protecting it and restoring it if it has been damaged.


Influencing Your Audiences

For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXiCOMM’s work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. By coming to us early we can work in a strategic way to keep you out of harm and to ensure growth and success. But often that isn’t the case so we are as used to assisting in the middle of a crisis and helping you to respond and seize the initiative. 

Often the balance of power is against you or things have changed leaving you at a disadvantage and you need help. Speak to our team today to see what we can do. A problem shared is a problem halved so the first step is to ask.