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Helping You to be Heard

At LEXXER, advocacy is at the heart of all we do. We give you a voice, and make your case logically, forcefully and persistently to those whose opinion counts. LEXXER LAW is an exciting effective new way to make the law work for you. We have revolutionised the way legal services are provided, and continue to work with legal professionals and academics to reform the legal services sector in Northern Ireland, and Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

At the core of all we do lies a belief in the right of all to access affordable justice. We believe it is a basic human right, and that it is fundamental to the rule of law, a cornerstone of our constitution and culture. To that end we do more than other legal professionals or those in legal services. While we mean business about law we know it is about more than money.

Our range of legal services cover all areas of practice and offer fresh new ways of doing business. The cuts in legal aid, the changes in the way courts work and the increasing strains on the entire system require new thinking and new ideas. We offer wider services at lower rates and with access to a greater range of legal representation based on our knowledge brokerage model. 

LEXXER LAW aims to help you help yourself, and to that end we have simplified and demystified the entire process to assist those who wish to fight their own case. Our LIPS concept pays more than lip service to Litigants in Person, as we help you get your day in court. From support and training to attendance in court as a McKenzie Friend, our support framework will help you speak for yourself.

Where legal skills are required we have pioneered the unbundling of legal services. We think about it as a menu where you only pick and pay for what you actually need. The days of spiralling legal bills with every letter and phone call charged for are over as we negotiate set costs for what you actually need, allowing you to do your own homework to prepare your case.

Our vocation is to help you be heard by those whose opinions and decisions matter to you. It is often a question of helping them to see it through your eyes to understand your perspective and value your contribution. To this end we know the value of good legal representation and our DATA system gives you Direct Access to Advocacy. We broker quality legal knowledge in the way we do with any other sector, cutting time and costs and giving you answers today.

Our entire approach is on-line which allows you to access legal services, support and advice from your home or office. Our LeGAL platform will provide an on-line diagnostic tool to get you the advice you need, and then we will help you every step of the way. From affording legal services with our LEGAL FIRST AID, an alternative to legal aid for those who are not eligible, to avoiding litigation through mediation with an innovative on-line service- SOCIAL MEDIAte. 

If you want your day in court or cant avoid it, then speak to our LAWFARE Team of litigation consultants and legal strategists who plan to win every time. From fighting terrorism through the courts, and protecting the human rights of the vulnerable, to libel, commercial and civil cases or complex criminal cases our experts will help you plan a litigation strategy which will ensure your case is properly fought.

Our blend of knowledge and experience means you benefit from wisdom and wise counsel which will help you win a case in the court of public opinion before you even go to trial. Our DATA will ensure access to the best advocacy team, while our KlawLEDGE Services will provide the best experts and support services to present your case.

Litigation is not a game of chance, and we believe that preparation and practice are they key. How many of you have seen a barrister rush into court to be presented with papers they barely have time to read, as they simply rehearse a well practised speech ? If your case were a play, or a sports match or indeed any other event the key players would rehearse, practice, drill and  perfect what they were doing to ensure that the outcome was not simply left to chance.

At LEXXER LAW we have blended the best aspects of American litigation planning, British advocacy skills and Continental inquisitorial experience to provide a new approach to winning cases. Let us help you plan to win today.


Our legal services are based on our unique knowledge brokerage model and offer support and representation at every level from small claims courts through to the UK Supreme Court and beyond to the European Court of Human Rights, with litigation partners in the United States and Canada. 

LEXXER LAW provides legal services, litigation strategy, communications, crisis intervention and a world of other imaginative effective interventions to ensure that you, your organisation or cause is seen and heard.

We specialise in:


LEXXER LAW – Making Your Case Our Cause


Helping you to be able to afford access to justice, with a range of economic, effective Legal Aid alternatives and savings on the cost of traditional legal fees.


On-line legal services, support and products, to help you fight your case. From unbundled legal services to helping you manage your legal representation our on-line triage and diagnostic tool will help.


Our litigation consultancy and legal strategy services, which plan to win. With a knowledge brokerage approach to securing the best legal advocacy and experts.

LIPS – Litigants in Person Services

Paying more than lip service to access to justice LEXXER LAW has pioneered support, services and training to help you get your day in court.


Helping you see what is on the legislative and litigation horizon so that you can plan accordingly. Our legal eagle services help you see the bigger picture.


From our Unbundled a la carte menu of legal services to ready made legal documents, our on-line shop provides off the shelf solutions for you to help you help yourself.


LEXXER LAW – the future of legal services


For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER’s Advocacy Work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. At LEXXER LAW we aim to lift the bar, in both the sense of improving the quality of legal services and raising the standard of consumer choice and satisfaction; but also removing any impediments or bars on access to justice. These may be cost, confidence or capacity related and we aim to provide a framework which will support you to fight your case.

Alternatively we would like yo make your case our cause as you engage us to help you. Whether you want your day in court or want to avoid it, we will provide strategic support and advice to ensure that you win no matter what the verdict is. Our services will ensure that your reputation is protected, your assets safeguarded and your case defended as we fight for you each step of the way.