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Helping You to be Heard

The basis of all our Public Affairs work is sound research which connects often abstract ideas and ideologies about the world of politics and public administration to the reality and evidence of what actually happens. Our professional skills apply reasoning and argumentation to questions which affect you. A research strategy will enable a client to properly investigate and demonstrate an argument and defend a position. Good research grounds and develops persuasive arguments which are reasoned, coherent and convincing. 

The articulation and communication of such arguments will be facilitated or delivered by our professional advocacy, lobbying and campaigning services. Our ultimate objective is not to speak for you or put words in your mouth but to amplify what you are already saying to the right audiences. Together we will be able to effect real change and set the agenda that will ensure you meet your objectives. By working with you to build arguments around reliable research, by advocating reasonable yet original solutions, through a lobbying service that is constructive and transparent we will both succeed.

Our Public Affairs work is unique because it is based upon a blend of academic theory and practical experience. Our team is comprised of those who have not only experience of lobbying but also being lobbied, giving a unique insight into both sides of the process. The services we offer are grounded on intensive study of the responses of politicians, policy makers, civil servants and statutory agents to lobbying and other approaches. The following methods have also been trialed over a ten year period in local, regional, national, European and International contexts with the results audited across a range of issues and objectives.

The resulting innovative yet proven approach is based around the MAXIM Concept.


LEXXER offers a knowledge based approach to Public affairs consultancy which provides a cross cutting service covering legal support through to media and communications. Our blend of experts and academics bring sound research and proven practice to the table to ensure that you voice is heard, your ideas understood and your principles adopted.

Where we differ from other Public Affairs firms, lobbyists and consultants is that we want to see Principle put before Politics or Profit. The concept behind all our work is summed up by the word MAXIM. This is an expression of a general truth or principle and comes from the Latin maxima, shortened maxima propositio, literally “greatest premise, greatest among propositions” one which is absolute. MAXIM is our signature, our guarantee and our standard, to promote principle and truth as a means of effecting change for the better, for all. It also denotes the fact that because we are trusted as an honest broker, what we say and do for you will have greater credibility, currency and will bring about the change you require.

We will come on board at any stage either to help you foresee and plan for any problems on the horizon or to keep you afloat and ensure you survive any storm which has already hit. Our strategy is unique and powerful as we apply our MAXIM process to promote your cause, defend your case or highlight your concerns. It utilises a series of twin processes to plan, launch, promote, manage and develop any Public Affairs project.

Some of our Public Affairs Services include:



LEX REX LIBRARY – more than just books


Information is critical in crafting and executing strategies, we specialise in quality research and other knowledge based support.


Our monitoring and intelligence team keeps you up to date with the latest developments from Westminster, Whitehall, the devolved assemblies, as well as public bodies, providing depth, context and analysis.


Knowledge to us is more than simply reports or polls, it is based on the experience and insight of those who have been involved for decades


LEX REX MAXIM – Principles Put into Public Affairs


For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


Our services are supported by methods which have proved themselves in numerous assignments with the objective of increasing the influence of our clients in the long term. They adopt a multi-disciplinary approach across a range of platforms which maximize the message and ensure both efficiency and effectiveness.

Our assignments are defined in clear contracts that protect both parties: guaranteeing confidentiality, negating any conflict of interest, and specifying the length of the assignment, invoicing methods, monthly reporting etc.

Our fees are calculated on the basis of time spent; either using a monthly rate corresponding to a prior estimate of the time required, or on the time actually spent each month. 

We guarantee results without compromising principle or cutting corners. We will employ basic Christian ethics to counteract the often negative reputation of such work. To that end we have a self-regulating Code of Ethics which ensure our clients can rely upon

  • the provision of a reactive team led and managed by a senior consultant

  • a clear division of roles – we never take the place of our clients, our expertise complements yours

  • a full understanding of the procedures and the players in public decision-making

  • disciplined written communication, the proof of validated, useful information

  • “a made-to-measure” approach to your requirements: we refuse the use of any systematic, mechanical approach to relations with public institutions

  • permanent dialogue between your team and ours