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Helping You to be Heard





Mediation is the most frequently used form of ADR in the United Kingdom. Its effectiveness depends on the skills of the mediator chosen and the tactical awareness and flexibility of the parties and their legal teams.

As well as providing excellent mediation advocacy and advisory services for clients attending or preparing for mediations, we also have a number of accredited mediators who are available to conduct mediations in their specialist areas of practice. They are also happy to provide combined mediation/evaluations in which, as well as facilitating progress towards a mutually agreed settlement, the mediator/evaluator gives his or her specialist view of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular point, or the case as a whole.

Advocates in Mediation

Our commercial, insurance, property, family and public law  barristers are experienced mediation advocates.  In a mediation, the barrister plays an integral role in the team.  We are keen to ensure that you are placed in as strong a negotiating position as possible and are equipped with the information and advice you need to make your decisions.

Mediation Q & A


Our legal services are based on our unique knowledge brokerage model and offer support and representation at every level from small claims courts through to the UK Supreme Court and beyond to the European Court of Human Rights, with litigation partners in the United States and Canada.

LEXXER LAW provides legal services, litigation strategy, communications, crisis intervention and a world of other imaginative effective interventions to ensure that you, your organisation or cause is seen and heard.

We specialise in:

LEXXER LAW – Making Your Case Our Cause


Our litigants in person services, help you access the justice by helping you understand the process, influence the people and adhere to the procedures.


From our Unbundled a la carte menu of legal services to ready made legal documents, our on-line shop provides off the shelf solutions for you to help you help yourself.


Paying more than lip service to access to justice LEXXER LAW has pioneered support, services and training to help you get your day in court.


LEXXER LAW – the future of legal services


For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


LEXXER’s Advocacy Work focuses on not only speaking but acting for you. At LEXXER LAW we aim to lift the bar, in both the sense of improving the quality of legal services and raising the standard of consumer choice and satisfaction; but also removing any impediments or bars on access to justice. These may be cost, confidence or capacity related and we aim to provide a framework which will support you to fight your case.

Alternatively we would like yo make your case our cause as you engage us to help you. Whether you want your day in court or want to avoid it, we will provide strategic support and advice to ensure that you win no matter what the verdict is. Our services will ensure that your reputation is protected, your assets safeguarded and your case defended as we fight for you each step of the way.