ORACLE – LEXXERs latest development – a Funding Database

The ORACLE system is the hub of LEXXER’s knowledge services – keeping you in the know ! 

  We have added a new funding database which allows our team to ‘ consult the ORACLE’ and provide you with up to date infirmation on funding and support opportunities as they become available. 

Check our NEWS section for the highlights with clients given full access to our services. 

   LEXXER has responded to the recent cuts in public sector funding with imaginative and innovative knowledge based solutions. Our knowledge of the funding landscape and expertise in both funding and project development puts clients ahead of the rest when it comes to securing funding for a range of projects. 

We work closely with funders to ensure we know what they want and are the first to know of new opportunities which means we can better inform your decisions. 

Funding has become ever more competitive and we are now seeing more groups compete for less money. However at LEXXER our knowledge will give you the cutting edge! 

Our Funding Database holds records of applications and funding to voluntary and community sector organisations. It is linked with a number of local national European and International databases which will produce hundreds of funding opportunities for whatever your idea or project happens to be.  

Our knowledge based approach allows public sector funders to share information. It will simplify and speed up the application and decision making process for organisations. 

We also provide summary information on support that has been awarded to voluntary and community organisations, which will give you project ideas and precedents. 

  Use our Grant Finder to find information on grants available from Government Departments to voluntary and community organisations. 

Our process is simple we offer a free first consultation followed by a project development programme. This will take your project from concept to completion and offers steps to secure funding and support. 

So call our team today and take the first step to success! 

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