Proactive Engagement

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Proactive Engagement

We Plan to Suceed

While we can promote the positive aspects of your Vision as it will regenerate areas of dereliction and deprivation, and create employment and opportunities real community support will often require a longer term strategy.

After constructive dialogue with objectors, and our Removal Service there will still be need for ongoing proactive engagement to address residual concerns and opposition. Competitors, environmentalists, or those with competing agendas will continue to work to undermine your project.

Therefore you must be seen to be the real friend of the local community, the only source of investment and benefit, and a genuine part of the future – in short you must be seen as a ‘local’. No matter how large or multi-national a developer or investor is our long term engagement strategies will embed the project or development into the local community.

LEXXER recognises the importance of maintaining and utilising public support in not only in the lead up to a planning decision, but for the duration of the development or investment. Showing strategic, sustainable and substantial engagement, investment and interest in the local area tomorrow is the best way to ensure you get a place in it today.

LEXXER – Planning Ahead

The LEXXER concept incorporates a multi-disciplinary process, which builds upon and connects up work from separate areas in a way that generates new perspectives, fresh insights and innovative methodologies which expand and refine knowledge of a particular problem providing effective financial solutions.

We provide a range of Locations Solutions to your Place Problems under the themes of  :-



Public Consultation

Our LEXiCOMM team offers a full service solution to create well informed high impact and ultimately beneficial consultation processes.

Political Influence

Our Planning, Property and Place teams draw on the academic and practical experience of the decision-making process across government.

Public Relations

As a developer or builder you are literally becoming someone’s neighbour and the heart of our work is the concept of being a good neighbour.

Persuading Stakeholders

LEXXER’s Good Neighbour Programme will identify then engage with all stakeholders in a focused manner, to address concerns and gain support

Press Relations

Our experience in Public Affairs and and Public Relations leave us well placed to act as Planning Consultants and Communicators with a media focus

Proactive Engagement

LEXXER will develop strategic, sustainable and substantial engagement, investment and interest in the local area as a means of maintaining local support


Some of the range of Solutions we provide to clients are listed however we are aware that often the problems we address are unique and seek to meet each client at their point of need and provide a bespoke knowledge based solution.


LEXXER – Well Planned

For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


“Solutions” to LEXXER means listening to you and finding out what the problem really is, not simply what it appears to be right now. Often underlying fault-lines, systemic failings or institutionalized legacy issues are really the problem, and often anything that does not address them really only papers over the real problem.   Our solutions are innovative and effective based on knowledge and analogical reasoning. We often see refer to the Ps in problems :

  • People: addressed using training , motivation and empowerment;
  • Pecuniary: where finance can be developed;
  • Place: often location, and the best use of space can resolve matters; 
  • Process: by applying best practice and fresh thinking;
  • Project: to either develop or relaunch a failing project can help;
  • Product: we offer solutions in terms of production and promotion.