LEXEL - managing excellence

Helping You to be Heard

LEXEL has developed LEXXER's core brokerage business into a bespoke management, development and promotions agency for people, projects and products. Our skills as a knowledge broker working with academics and professionals means we are perfectly placed and skilled to take you, your brand, cause or product to the top of your field. We are in the business of managing excellence.

After working as a knowledge broker LEXXER realised that the same skills set of managing those who hold knowledge, of developing them and their potential and creating and developing opportunities as well as promoting their skills would work as well for promoting products as well. We bring a fresh approach to the overcrowded marketing market. So if your tired of spin we offer substance, if gimmicks have failed we will give you real and lasting results with our proven brokerage approach. 

LEXXER provides more than mere brokerage we treat our Clients as part of the team and measure our success by your sales. We first get to know you, your business and your market then we draw on skills and experience beyond it to bring fresh ideas and new insights. From improving the productivity of your processes to perfecting the right pitch for you marketing we offer a full service from Genesis to Success.  



LEXEL works with people, projects and products to help them excel in their field. This involves a range of advice and intervention services aimed at achieving excellence. Our teams will work to support clients in terms of training and development, reputation and communications issues as well as dealing with the range of issues success itself can bring. We see our work as a journey and our success is linked to yours.

MANAGING - we provide a full range of management services dealing with finance, legal and media issues. 

DEVELOPING - to help reach your potential we provide guidance on career or product development and 

PROMOTING - ensuring you are seen and heard as you REACH your chosen audiences on-line and in real time. 


We specialise in:



Unlike other marketing firms we look at your entire process from production to sales to see where improvements can be made, this knowledge helps us help you.
Our strategic approach to reputation management will help you create a brand, and develop a profile as well as protecting it, and ensuring greater profitability.
Our marketing experts will help you get you promote yourself your product or project with our ABC plans - Advertising, Branding and Communications.


LEXEL use their Knowledge Brokerage experience to promote the knowledge, skills, success, and reputation of individuals, ideas, organisations and products across a range of sectors. We manage excellence and aim to manage, develop and promote our clients to be the best in their field. Whether is prospective stars of the future or those looking to retire we can plan and prepare you. We match clients with opportunities from management to motivation, from speaking to supervision and help you continue to earn and develop.


Making Your Experience Pay

LEXEL's work focuses on brokering the knowledge, skills and experience of those who excel in their fields. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the team speak to us to today and lets see how we can help each other. Unlike other agents, managers or middlemen we don't view you as an asset or brand or even a client but as a partner. You may wish to develop professionally, to maximise your income through sponsorship or investment or to plan for the future. We are here to help and to ensure that you make the most of your knowledge, talent, skill or experience.  

From academics to ex-service personnel, from sports stars to media personalities and politicians to public servants we have ideas and initiatives to help manage, develop and promote you. We will put you in touch with those who will pay to learn from you, to work with you or to have you endorse them.