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Reach the Audiences You Need

LEXXER Consultancy Services uses Knowledge Brokerage to help you reach the people you need to influence in order to ensure they act. Our approach is very simple yet effective. We identify your audience first, which in our experience is either a vertical, horizontal or internal exercise. In each case the message, method and management must be different to ensure that the chosen audience is actually reached.

One of our departments will then work closely with you to tailor a plan which will allow your voice to be heard, in order that your desired goal is attained. Our LEX REX Teams will look at vertical communications as you reach politicians, policy makers and those whose decisions effect the way you do business. If it is horizontal audiences like clients, customers, even competitors the bespoke skills of LEXiCOMM will ensure that your impact will ripple across the water and make a real difference. Finally many firms and organisations forget that often the most important audience is internal, your own team, board, committee or staff who are often ignored. Internal communications are the key to successful businesses and organisations with the building of moral, confidence and enthusiasm all important assets for success. Our LEXERCISE Teams will help to make your organisation or business fit for purpose with training and development.

At LEXXER we pride ourselves in being able to reach where others can’t. Our Knowledge Brokerage approach means that we can draw on the knowledge and experience of experts internationally as well as locally who can provide advice and interventions. We provide a range of services which will provide bespoke solutions for you. At LEXXER we CONSULT- CREATE- COORDINATE specially for you. So speak to one of our team today.



LEXXER Solutions – The Answer

At LEXXER we believe in consultancy with integrity, which will help you reach your audience without compromising your message. Our teams will help you be heard and seen with impact that is felt in your chosen sector. Our promise is that for every pound you spend on our sevices you will see it multiplied in terms of income, impact or influence.

Our services which provide expert:

  • CONSULTATION – from market research to end of programme evaluations our research services will help you understand the world around you, allowing your to adapt and survive. Our knowledge based approach gives you access to academics experts and professionals who will assist you each step of the way. 
  • CREATION –  we tailor solutions and interventions individually for each client, ensuring that it is fit for your purpose and will deliver for you. This means providing design and production services which you do not have in house, to ensure a professional proven end product.
  • COORDINATION- through knowledge we will give you the advantage, as we work with you to manage, develop and ensure long term sustainability and growth. Our staff will work remotely using our BOSS System to coordinate or can be embedded to manage your affairs on the ground.



Our consultancy services help you to influence those whose opinions and decision matter most. Government legislators, policy developers or those who set the agenda in your sector, all need to be reached. Our Public Affairs Department LEX REX will put you on the agenda.


Our Knowledge Brokerage Services will provide the best communications and marketing services to allow you to reach out to audiences and markets you need. LEXiCOMM provides a full service PR Consultancy at a budget you can afford.


Our experience has shown that the most neglected audience is your own staff, board or membership. Often internal communications fail resulting in poor morale and productivity. Let our LEXERCISE Teams get you talking again to develop your greatest asset – your own team!


Our knowledge brokerage model allows us to provide the best brains across a range of sectors, allowing us to provide a big firm service at a fraction of the cost.



For Vision, a Voice and Visual Impact


Why Use Us ?

As Northern Ireland’s first knowledge brokerage we do not fit easily into the mould of either a traditional consultancy or solutions firm. In fact given the poor reputation of some we are happy that we don’t, and prefer to carve out our own niche. Our idea is simple but powerful, we broker knowledge and provide clients with the people and the answers they need to solve the problems they face.

Giving You the Ability – KNOWLEDGEABILITY

LEXXER will equip you to face the future, giving you the ability to deal with problems and to foresee those just ahead. Our solutions are intelligent and innovative and our services sensible and affordable.

Our Consultancy Services offer real and lasting benefits to a range of clients across many sectors providing big firm services at small budget prices.