The LEXXER Vision

To excel as a knowledge brokerage based solutions firm

offering a range of consultancy and advocacy services.

The LEXXER Mission

To develop Northern Ireland’s knowledge economy through fabrication, facilitation, and utilisation of research communities and their work. To make our universities, think tanks, innovators and experts the new shipyards of our economy – world leaders in their field.


We are committed to accessing the research and knowledge capability and expertise of our Universities and Research institutions, to assist in what we term the Solution Revolution. The knowledge exchange we facilitate will respond to the needs of charities, community organisations, campaigning groups, companies and commercial organisations providing world class solutions, services and support.


Key Aims and Objectives

  • The ORACLE – Provide a central point of access to the knowledge, expertise, services and facilities available from Universities, Research Institutes, Sector Experts, Experienced Practitioners, Peers and even Public sources for Third sector, industry and commercial organisations.
  • The development of a portfolio of knowledge makers or holders who are willing to collaborate with clients. Location of sources of specialist expertise, the development of research to meet needs and the mapping of our knowledge resources.
  • Stimulate demand by third sector and companies across all sectors and sizes (in particular SMEs) for such expertise and commercial opportunities.
  • Facilitate the development of the concept of knowledge brokerage and its wider socio-economic implications.
  • Produce an exportable business model to take market our new ‘shipbuilding’ industry –our knowledge based economy.

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